August 20, 2018

Listening recommendations: Our favourite podcasts by Andy Mills

We combined a list of our favourite podcast episodes produced or reported by 2018 speaker Andy Mills

Our colleague and podcast buff Andreea Vrabie, host of Pe Bune podcast  – a series of interviews with creative people about their struggles and how they got to where they are – combined a list of her favourite episodes produced or reported by our 2018 speaker Andy Mills. Add them to your playlist, then book your place to meet Andy at #Story18.

As an audio producer and reporter for The New York Times, Andy helped create The Daily – a podcast that focuses on the previous day’s most important news and events – and Caliphate – a breathtaking audio series about reporter Rukmini Callimachi’s quest to understand the Islamic State. Previously, Andy worked for several years at Radiolab where he produced stories about blame, friendship, forgiveness, old dead things and addiction.

Here are some of Andreea’s favourite episodes Andy worked on while at Radiolab:

  • An Ice-Cold Case – A couple of hikers find in the Alps a body buried in the ice that is really really old.
  • Slow – A very emotional story about Kohn Ashmore, Andy’s friend who talks slow. For this piece he won the Best New Artist award from the Third Coast International Audio Festival in 2011
  • The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist – How being completely invisible in the eyes of the state impacts a young woman’s life.
  • David and the Wire –The story of David Weinberg, a guy who obsessively records every meaningful or mundane minute of his life.

Also on her list:

  • Caliphate, the 10-episode series about ISIS Andy produced for The New York Times.
  • The Daily, New York Times podcast that covers some of the most important news in the world.