The Power of Storytelling (PoS) is an (un)conference built on the idea that well-crafted stories connect people, heal wounds, inspire, lead, and create change.

This is a one of a kind event in Eastern Europe. Since 2011 it has brought to Bucharest almost more than 50 superstar storytellers in all fields – from media, to arts, to business – for inspirational talks, and nuts and bolts training.

Apart from the boost of energy, and creative optimism, PoS is a chance for professionals to master the use of storytelling in journalism, creative industries, civil society, and business.


Our theme for our 9th edition is Heal, as we’ll touch on the power of stories to mend the world, patch our collective wounds, alleviate some of our pain, and bring solace.

The fantastic lineup of speakers we’ll bring to the stage will share both craft tips about how we can all become better at the stories we tell – as communicators, as journalists, as leaders -, but also inspire us and give us tools to think beyond story format and delivery to the deeper meaning of our words, pictures or images.


Cristian Lupșa

Cristian is the editor of DoR, a quarterly devoted to longform narrative journalism. He started The Power of Storytelling to help spread the gospel and importance of well-told stories.

Laura Trocan

Laura holds the magic wand of organizing events, including DoR Live and PoS. At the conference, ask her anything about everything and she will answer quickly with a big smile.

Artemisa Pascu

Artemisa guides the DoR and PoS visual identity. She’s the go-to wunderkid for color schemes, cropping, lettering, collage-making and award-winning magazine covers.

Oana Pascu

Oana is our fundraiser; she makes sure our vision gets to see the light of day. With a background in tourism, she’ll ensure the speakers, event partners and participants feel at home, and have the most memorable experiences.

Andreea Giuclea

Andreea coordinates the communication & social media for the conference (use #Story19, she says). She’s also a sports writer, and occasionally takes our guests to games.

Irina Tacu

Irina is part of the communications, media relations and social media team. When she’s not thinking of new ways to promote the conference and its speakers, she writes about identity, intimacy and teenagers for DoR.

Nicoleta Rădăcină

Nicoleta is a new addition to the communications team. She’s a passionate reporter who covers everything from pop stars to workers’ strikes, can’t stop experimenting with her hair color, and has a totally healthy obsession with raccoons.

Andreea Vîlcu

Andreea will have her first ever PoS experience this year, as our registration goddess. She’ll make sure the participants get their badges and goodie bags quickly and smoothly, and that everyone has a great experience on-site.

Carla Lunguți

Carla is DoR magazine’s distribution magician and the biggest emoji enthusiast. In 2019 she’s helping us with website content and whatever else she can get her hands on.

Cătălina Albeanu

Cătălina works on the communications side for the conference, writing content for the site and organizing coverage during the event.

Tuan Nini

Nini is a freelance illustrator who created the visual identity for #Story19. Her wonderful works appeared in books and magazines, restaurant menus, bar murals, billboards and TV ads. She speaks Malay, English and Romanian, and loves food, travel, and contemporary dance.

Mihai Ciobanu

Mihai is a front-end web developer and our magic wand for this year’s website edition. He is part of DoR’s digital team that's in charge of setting up the online membership model for our readers.

Cătălin Georgescu

Cătălin is a close friend of DoR and a passionate photographer with a beautiful challenge: to capture the genuine emotions displayed on your faces while you get lost in the storytelling.

Ioana Burtea

Ioana assists with social media and is in charge of the media partnerships. She makes sure The Power of Storytelling is known 'round the world, and that it makes the proper splash.

Advisors, friends, and alumni: Lateral, Călin Ciobanu, Mihai Leontescu, Adrian Lungu, Cătălina Rață, Anamaria Tataru, Ioana Șopov, Rareș Cinteză, Georgiana Ilie, Gabriela Pițurlea, Sorana Stănescu, Alina Dîrstaru, Oana Sandu, Andreea Drăgan, Andreea Ioniță, Stela Serghiuță, Ramona Cherciu, Oana Filip, Anca Drăgoi, Andreea Vrabie, Raymond Bobar, Călin Tritean, Ștefan Bălan, Mircea Drăgoi, Ana Vișan, Andreea Bota, Lavinia Gliga, Gabriel Dobre, Solene Cesbron, Ancuța Iosif, Ariana Bădin, Irina Ștefan, Sînziana Sumbasacu, DoR reporters and editors, and many enthusiastic and wonderful volunteers.


Past speakers

Over the years, our speakers have included multiple winners of Pulitzer Prizes, National Magazine Awards, Emmys, and many other accolades. They were writers, editors, producers, digital innovators, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and musicians, all among the best in their respective fields.