August 24, 2016

Past participants: Why you should come to #Story16

As we prepare for our sixth edition, we take a look back at what past participants said about the previous ones. They’re the best indicators of the experience you’ll be signing for.

“It was everything I hadn’t expected from a conference. It kept me motionless and breathless in my chair for two whole days. And I wanted more.” *

“These two days were very inspiring for me and I do believe that this event addresses a wide audience, not only communicators. I learnt a lot of practical things, discovered new things and meanings and ways to tell a story. I would encourage all my friends to attend this event, because there’s a lot of emotion, inspiration, things to learn and great people to meet. I am only sorry about one thing: that I’ve missed all the four previous editions.”

“First impulse is to say that I have no words to describe it. Then I’d go straight to the dumbest “WOW, just wow” moving my head in a complete awe, waving my hands like there’s nothing that can top this experience. My friend is looking at me in disbelief. I add that I stood there for more than 10 hours in a row, just listening, ass on a chair, without getting bored (which, coming from me, is a lot). My friend raises his eyebrows, as skipping classes has always been a particular talent of mine. Schools should be like this, education should be like this.”

“Good place to get some courage if you hesitate starting something.

“I felt my brain exploding from the amount of inspiration, strong will and techniques I could learn without me realizing it. For two days, the stage was simply magical. It was the best conference I had ever been to.

“During the two days I’ve spent at the event, I discovered that part of my fears (e.g. feeling like a fraud) are normal and I’m not the only one confronting with them. And I discovered that language is responsible for the way the worlds evolves.

“For me, it was not so much about the craft of telling stories, it was about the need to tell them.”

“The Power of Storytelling is a perfect place to meet your literary heroes and steal some on their secrets and knowledge. But more importantly, it’s the perfect place to be reminded why telling stories matters and why loving – the often painful – process is worth it. It’s a place where you learn, re-learn, get inspired and even challenge or reconsider your own reasons for choosing to be a storyteller.”

“I went through moments of intense emotion: I cried, I laughed out loud, I smiled, I struggled with the lump in my throat. I returned home with suitcases full of books, soul flooded with positive energy and inspiration, and some answers in my self-critical and complicated mind’s quiver.”

“It made me see the world a little bit differently – now I can see the road I want to take a little bit more clearly.”

“It’s inspirational, not inspirational-magazine style, like “here are some articles with pretty photos from places you know you’ll never get to”, but in the sense of “here’s a kick to get your thinking rebooted, to get you out of a mental rut and remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing”. And then you go out there and keep doing it, except hopefully better.”

“The Power of Storytelling was an experience, from the beginning until the end. It doesn’t exist a similar conference in Romania. Everything went smoothly and nice. And my mind was constantly challenged. Therefore, I ignored my calls, e-mails, the many updates that came on my phone, I wrote down things that I liked and inspired me to do more, I felt I was not the only one that cares so much for words. I enjoyed every speech and every speaker, each was unique and insightful – even though some of them were not in my working playground, as you put it – and taught me at least two-three things.”

“I felt like I had ‘returned home’, since I’m an artist who spent more time than I probably should wondering about business.

“I think “magic” is a word I use often when talking about the conference. I tell my friends they have to be there to really understand how amazing it is and I emotionally blackmail them into coming next year.
Go to the Power of Storytelling conference, dive into new experiences, meet new people, try new things, listen to great speakers, have epiphanies and understand that we are all different, quirky, valuable and most of all we are all united in being human.”

In short:

A brain massage 🙂


This conference makes my heart light up like a Christmas tree.

The happiest and most emotional conference ever.

Emotional roller-coaster.

You can’t feel it if you haven’t been there.

Best event of the year, worth every penny.

The conference was so exciting that I ended up drinking coffee, a beverage I used to hate.

It’s intense and rich and it fills your brain.

You just feel like finally starting working on your own project.

A story about how stories matter.

The most inspiring conference I’ve been to in my 25 year long career as a journalist.

I cried real tears of joy and real tears of sorrow, that is how genuine all of the speakers and stories were!

When I arrived and found myself surrounded by so many people who appeared to love storytelling as much as me I felt I had come home, I had found my tribe.

A reminder for your dreams. Because dreams matter and they shouldn’t be forgotten in a corner.

Great life experience for anybody – I would even send my mom to the Power of Storytelling, had she known English. Why? The answer is a quote of one of the speakers: “Inside all of us is a visual storyteller waiting to emerge.”

A private party (storytelling-themed birthday party).

Once in your life, dear friend, you have to try The Power of Storytelling!