August 28, 2017

Past participants tell you why you should come to #Story17

There is no one better for telling you what The Power of Storytelling is really about than our past participants.

Last year’s theme was Dare to Wander and we had amazing, brave speakers on stage whose journeys carried them from continent to continent, through both the wilderness within oneself and on dangerous paths. At the end, we asked the participants what they would tell their friends about the conference. Here are some of their answers:

♦ It was a collection of stories about bravery and it showed me the power we have if we’re courageous enough to get out of the comfort zone and listen to our hearts.

♦ It was experiential and full of positive energy. It gave me courage to chase my dream on art therapy.

♦ It was inspirational, as always. The type of conference I always leave wanting to do loooots of stuff. And then kinda feeling there are lots of people that do this storytelling stuff a lot better than I could ever 🙂 No worries, this is motivating eventually.

♦ Get out of the comfort zone and talk to others. Feel that you are not alone in this world struggling, and every beginning is hard. It was great to see how personal the speakers got with us! Amazing!

♦ The most important thing is that the conference is not only about information or learning something new. It’s very powerful emotionally. I cried and I laughed, I felt so many things, and when I left I was charged with so much energy and inspiration.

♦ GO! Be inspired, learn, discover yourself!

♦ It’s a very complex conference. I can’t tell you exactly why it’s so great. It gives you that awakening and helps you find out things you didn’t know before. Besides, it’s a great exercise for people who want to get out from their comfort zone. I mean, me. 🙂

♦ This is the best communication conference in Romania. In order to generate smart content, stories should be the center of our work. #Story16 was full of awesome examples.

♦ A conference where you learn how to be brave enough to fail 🙂

♦ It’s an amazing, energy-filled experience, where you get to feel close to and get advice from some of the most amazing professionals out there. Also, it’s not really a conference.

♦ I will tell my friends that there is a magazine and there is a community in Romania which is forward looking, part of the world and at the same time it brings the world to our region.

♦ Both of my flights got cancelled due to engine problems and I missed the talk I’ve been wanting to come for; but I came nevertheless, met people and spoke to Wendy MacNaughton and Jacqui Banaszynski and told them how their stories matter.

♦ I’ll tell them how to get here. They’ll discover the magic by themselves.

♦ Don’t be a douche and miss so many editions like I did. Go and fill your soul with wisdom, inspiration and magic. Dare to open your mind.

♦ It’s more than a conference, it’s a place you learn about yourself and the world around you, that gives you courage, that makes you want to be better and gives you the tools to do so. It’s not magic, it’s magical.

♦ I will tell them it’s a conference that works wonders for a creative spirit who’s dealing with all the angst and uncertainty that creative work entails.

♦ PoS is like a magical forrest where you go and find traces of your most amazing self. The secret is to take back with you what you learned there, once you go back to your daily reality.

♦ It’s the conference that will, literally, change your life.

Don’t forget to register for #Story17 and join us in October.