June 23, 2016

New speakers confirmed

Check out the latest additions to the list of speakers you won’t want to miss this October.

From video to audio, from drawing to writing, from performing in front of packed stadiums to creating in private corners, this year’s amazing group of speakers have on thing in common: they bravely explore their interior worlds, as well as the world around them in search of stories that inspire, change and heal.

On 14-15 October, Pulitzer winners, New York Times bestselling authors, world-renowned musicians, inspiring illustrators and innovative marketers will talk about innovative ways to tell stories in various fields and about external exploration that leads to internal discovery.

Check out the newest additions to the list of speakers, then book your spot here.


Caroline Paul, an American writer and former firefighter whose books include Fighting  Fire, East Wind, Rain, Lost Cat and the recent New York Times bestseller Gutsy  Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure



Tim Howard, Executive Producer at Reply All, a podcast from Gimlet Media. Before joining Gimlet, Tim was a producer at WNYC’s Radiolab, where he reported on language, science, and politics. In his free time, he writes and records music under the name Soltero.



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