October 25, 2015

Live sketches from #Story15 Cluj

We invited Illustrator Paul Muresan to draw what he saw and heard during the second edition of our Cluj conference.

This year, we asked some of our illustrator friends to draw live sketches during the conference. Here is how prodigious illustrator and 2D animator Paul Mureșan − author of the much awarded animation Baby Nap, now working on a story on werewolves and discrimination − interpreted the Cluj edition in drawings:

Cristian Lupșa opening the conference:


Paul 1

Jacqui Banaszynski’s keynote highlights:Paul 5


Words cut like swords:


Paul 3



Paul 2

Paul 6

Paul 10


Paul 11

Dragoș Bucurenci:


Paul 4

Stories that stick confirm existing stories:


Paul 7

Starlee Kine’s mystery solving thread:

Paul 9

Chris Jones:

Paul 13

Paul 14


Paul 18

Jones’s mysterious shoulder condition:


Paul 12

Paul 15

The work will not always love you back:


Paul 16

Creative loneliness:

Paul 17