August 22, 2017

#Story17 festival schedule

As The Power of Storytelling is getting closer, keep up to speed with schedule announcements and get ready for October.

The two-day storytelling conference you’re used to will take place on Oct. 20-21 this year, but don’t forget we’ve got a bunch of other events planned for you throughout the week of Oct. 16-22. Here are some of them:

♦ The launch of the Romanian translation of Juniper, a book by Kelley and Tom French about the premature birth of their daughter. Kelley is a former PoS speaker, and Tom, a Pulitzer Prize winner, is one of our guests this year. The event is co-hosted by Editura Publica.

♦ Launch of the third edition of 24/7, the creative entrepreneurs’ guide supported by UniCredit Bank.

♦ Podcasting essentials with Pat Walters of Gimlet Media. “One of the things that’s so exciting about the explosion in podcasting is how easy it is to get started”, says Pat, who has worked on award-winning pieces both at Gimlet and during his time at Radiolab. In this presentation, Pat will go over basic equipment, types of podcasts, interviewing, selecting great tape, writing scripts, and editing.

♦ Learn how to take better cell phone pictures in a show-and-tell session with Elie Gardner, an amazing photojournalist who covers human right issues. “When we take and share pictures of our everyday life,” Elie says, “I believe we are actually creating an enormous historical archive of the world”.

♦ Attend a screening of The New York Times’ virtual reality documentary shorts, and discuss them with Jenna Pirog, the paper’s VR editor, at the VR Cinema in Bucharest.

♦ Watch Under Fire: Journalists in Combat, an Academy Award-nominated documentary featuring World Press Photo Award winner Finbarr O’Reilly, one of our speakers this year. The movie will be followed with a Q&A with Finbarr.

We’ll announce more events soon.

The Festival pass buyers can attend these events without further purchases or reservations. A limited number of tickets will also be available for each event, starting in September.

The full schedule, and the exact dates&locations for the events and for the conference keynotes will be up on the website in the following weeks.