October 1, 2015

Get ready for #Story15

One week to go. Here's a list of things to read, listen to or watch, essential to get to know the speakers better.

• Michael PaternitiThe Long Fall of One-Eleven Heavy, a reconstruction of the crash of Swissair flight 111 and a story about loss and grieving. Here’s an entire list of Paterniti’s articles that we love. And don’t forget that his bestselling book “The Telling Room” will soon be available in Romanian translation.

• Robert Krulwich – Every once in a while, Radiolab goes on stage and performs live shows that blow the audience’s mind. Here are highlights from one of the most recent.  You can also watch Robert’s famous 2011 Commencement speech, for advice on how to build a career in the creative field.

• Leslie JamisonThe Empathy Exams, the title essay of her powerful collection of memoir, reporting, and cultural criticism pieces that investigate pain, also available in Romanian at Editura Publica. Try also this article on why she believes confessional writing is important.

• Wendy MacNaughtonMeanwhile, the San Francisco Public Library, part of a wonderful collection of illustrated documentaries that chronicle important, historical, and often unsung communities and places in San Francisco. She also has a book translated in Romanian, Lost Cat.

• John FreemanIn Conversation, an essay about John’s meeting with David Foster Wallace and what he’s learned from interviewing the most famous authors in the world. “How to Read a Novelist”, the collection of profiles that came out of those interviews, has recently been translated in Romanian, at Vellant.

• Richard Koci Hernandez – This mobile photography tutorial, one of the ways he shares his knowledge and encourages young photographers to experiment as many new technologies as possible. Another one is his famous Instagram account.

• Jacqui Banaszynski: AIDS in the Heartland, a moving series about the life and death of an AIDS victim in a rural farm community, winner of a Pulitzer Prize. You can also follow Jacqui’s blog, where she shares pieces of advice on the writing craft.

• Chris JonesThe Things That Carried Him, the award-winning heartbreaking story about one soldier’s last trip home. Read more about the behind-the-scenes of such a masterpiece in the annotated version.

• Carmen Bugan – How a children’s story ended up in the secret police’s files, a piece from 2012 that shows the absurdity of life during Ceausescu’s regime and how Carmen’s childhood adventures became evidence in the file against her father.

• Dan PerjovschiVanishing points, Perjovschi’s portrait in DoR magazine that documents his life story, work process and relationship with his home country.

• Alexander Nanau – A conversation with the Romanian director about his most recent and heartbreaking documentary Toto and his Sisters, which we’ll watch at the conference.