We’re happy to announce that our conference is now planned, designed and organized together with the awesome people at Lateral. Founded in 2008, Lateral is a design and development studio based in San Francisco, with a significant presence in UK and Romania – with three offices in Transylvania (Cluj, Oradea and Târgu Mureș).


Our new partners are innovators in the digital world. Among others, they create interactive and visual design for web, mobile and physical devices; they build apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows; they bridge hardware with technology and friendly interfaces; they provide solutions and expertise for any technical challenge. Take a look at some of the projects they’ve worked on over the years.


They have been supporters of the conference for a while, and we’re glad to have them by our side every step of the way, as our common goal is to create a rewarding experience for all lovers of good stories.


Here are a few words from Ciprian Morar, the CEO of Lateral, on storytelling and our partnership:


We fundamentally believe that stories bring meaning to everything we do. Stories can change people. Stories can change lives. Stories are important to us because they help us leave a legacy behind. No matter how many apps and systems we build, they’re only good if they have meaning, if they touch. In a world that’s becoming so de-humanized, stories have a greater value than ever before. As a Product Agency and Creative Hub, Lateral is delighted to join The Power of Storytelling, and support a small group of people who create meaningful change through meaningful content.