A new outcome of the challenge we raised to some of our illustrator friends, that of drawing live sketches from our conference. Awesome visual artist Oana Lohan turned this two-day experience into a DIY zine:


“This is a story told in drawings, about what I heard & saw at this year’s gorgeous edition of The Power of Storytelling conference. It’s shaped as a DIY zine, for you to print and to fold. DOWNLOAD it and follow the instructions for printing, folding and finishing up:




You’ll find two PDF files:

  • The first one is a 60 x 60 cm format (shops printing for architects will surely have what you need for this one). Please make sure to print it on a paper that is not heavier than 80 gsm (otherwise it’s going to be difficult for you to fold it properly).
  • The second one is a European A4 format (21×29.7 cm). Cut out the drawings and paste them on the folded print.

Let me show you how it’s done:


The process of folding paper is usually associated with maps and plans and stuff. Still, nowadays, maps are no longer common place, which, for me at least, is odd. That’s just one reason why I like adding some folding to my drawings and stories. Or maybe just because folding is physical and smooth and sexy and it often reveals things we don’t know or we don’t see.”





Oana Lohan uses pen & ink, photography and words to tell stories deeply rooted in her life somewhere between Bucharest and Paris. She rides a black bicycle and pampers her cat, Reinette, with tuna and mango treats. Send her pictures of your handmade PoS zine at oanalohan@gmail.com and follow her work here